The Institute’s Summer Scholars will be accommodated together in a hotel in Istanbul’s Taksim neighborhood which is the city’s cultural and transportation center. This will provide ease of access to the sites in our program. Double-rooms are non-smoking, and have a private bathroom, TV, mini-fridge, air conditioning, and internet. A daily breakfast is included and the hotel conference room will be reserved for the Institute’s classes each day.  Please note that we are not able to accommodate guests and/or family members during the Institute.  


13 thoughts on “Lodging

  1. Jae

    Does double rooms indicate that each applicant will be sharing a room for three weeks?

  2. Jae

    I would like to know if the term “double-rooms” indicates that participants will be lodged with a roommate for three weeks? Please clarifiy.

  3. Jae

    Thank you for your response, if you don’t mind one more question. Are there pairing efforts made when matching roommates? Three weeks is a long time!

  4. Yes, I work to optimize comfortability, given the situation.

  5. Sheldon

    Hello, I have three questions:
    1. What is the nearest airport?
    2. Do you provide transportation from the airport to the lodging destination?
    3. How much should each participant expect to pay for lodging during the three weeks?

  6. Betsy Gutstein

    Is it possible to pay extra for a single room?

  7. Florencia Valenzuela

    If we pay a little extra (little) can we have a single room?

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